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A complete ONLINE CASINO SOFTWARE solution : –
A successful online gambling website consists of a back-end software, from games, Betting links, payment providers and from affiliate links. With us, you have the chance to open your own online casino. The individual details of your platform is critical to your success in online gambling. Our task is to configure with you in a personal meeting your customized online casino.

We will help you in selecting a user-friendly back-end for your future employees, as well as offer multiple back ends for online casino to choose from.

B88-Solution works with all international development firms together in Gambling Specter. Thus, we have the advantage to provide our customers with all the big slot player in the world.

In addition, we can also assist you in the sports betting area. In sports betting, there is the possibility of sports betting and live betting or you can create your own odds of sports data provider.

We are happy to introduce you to the live-time casino games, as in the classic casino: Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Casino Holdem.

It is also possible to integrate an online poker software in your platform. We’ll give you the B88-Solution Team complete solution from a single source.

Payment connectivity is an essential key point for your online gambling platform, because it depends on how fast you get your money from your payment provider at what prices. Through analysis and observations, we know from investor and players point of view, which is the main payment provider for your platform.

This generates revenue as quickly as possible with your own online casino, you need a strong affiliate partnership, which also takes the backend and manage your affiliate partner.

A complete ONLINE CASINO SOFTWARE solution should be from a competent source. We assist you by providing the best Online Casino Software.

It is important that your online casino is created in your own corporate design with high-quality graphics. In addition, the needs of the players should be covered by a user-friendly platform with innovative features.

Choosing the right online casino software with associated components make up 90 percent of your success.

Leave this selection and big decisions to chance.


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